Album Review: Earth Groans “Rahab”

Review by Spencer Prather

Earth Groans (vocalist Jeremy Schaeffer, guitarist Zachariah Mayfield, bassist Kayden Burton, and drummer Brady Mueller)  is quickly becoming one of modern metal’s diamonds in the rough; their chaotic brand of metal draws from hardcore, metalcore, deathcore and every aggressive, off-kilter feature between them, making for a sonic siege of metal that you’d be hard-pressed to find a comparison to. With their newest offering “Rahab”, it’s clear the train isn’t stopping any time soon.

The track “Reign” opens the EP to looming guitars, quickly followed by a storm of frantic drums/guitar work and Schaeffer’s commanding vocals. Featuring Erra vocalist J.T. Cavey, the track changes from aggressive speed to sludgy breakdowns on a dime, setting the tone for some of the angriest music with a positive message to come out this year.

Lead single “Avarice” keeps the attack going, with lyrics depicting the struggles of society’s lesser-fortunate towards the rich that look down upon them. The grim ending is driven home with a mathy, equally-as-grim breakdown; and if listeners aren’t in the mood for the mosh pit after this song, the hardcore punk-flavored “Heathen Heart” will certainly get them there. Some very noteworthy drumming from Mueller the bedrock on this introspective track, making for what is sure to be a headbanger’s favorite.

A recounting of the Biblical fall of man with Adam and Eve, “Allure” does nothing but turn the chaos on this EP to 11, with unrelenting breakdowns that call back to good old-fashioned deathcore. And as the EP closes out with the menacing chugging guitars of “By Faith”, and the resounding hook “by faith we persevere”, Earth Groans conclude a fantastic addition to their catalog.

Each member of the band is contributing their own thunder to the maelstrom that is the “Rahab” EP, whether through the impactful messages behind the lyrics or the controlled chaos of the instrumentation, and it makes for a formidable contender towards being the most exciting metal release of the year. “Rahab” is unapologetically, relentlessly heavy with no brakes whatsoever; such is Earth Groans’ unique brand of sound. From the fan of the heaviest of death metal to the most melodic of hardcore, any metal fan would be remiss not to purchase this EP for their collection.

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