Album Review: The Faim – State of Mind

If you are reading this, and you are asking yourself “who are The Faim?” I did the same thing a few weeks ago. This fall they will co-headline a tour with fellow country-mates Stand Atlantic, and I can tell you this band is INCREDIBLE and they play pop-rock! Originating in Perth, Australia, the four-piece is coming out strong with this debut album, State Of Mind is given to us by Josh Raven on Lead Vocals, Sam Tye on Guitar, Stephen Beerkens on Bass and Keyboard, and  Linden Marissen on Drums and Percussion. These four pitched an idea to a Mr. John Feldmann while he was looking for unsigned talent, and he accepted. While recording with Mr. Feldmann, The Faim and Mr. Feldmann recruited the help of some original, but still relevant pop-punkers/pop-rockers Pete Wentz, and Mark Hoppus. Only adding to the depth of this album.

State of Mind gives us 10 powerful tracks I certainly wasn’t ready for. Josh Raven’s vocal prowess is quickly projected with the opening track Tongue Tied. A track with some flare, likely to instantly win over some similar to myself. With a vocal tone somewhere in the dynamic range of a young Brendon Urie, Josh’s lyrics hit with an extra “oomph” of excitement. The adverse feeling can be felt in songs such as; Infamous.  A tale of a lost relationships pain, accentuated by what seems to be deceit of a former lover. Anyone who has experienced heartache in that fashion may find this instantly relatable.   

After listening to this album a few times, I can see the accents of the aforementioned co-producers above. The relevant accents of their work to make raw talent radio-ready are sprinkled across this album in multiple tracks. While exploring this album, I also explored this band’s history on streaming platforms, and with millions of hits from their EP, and their extensive festival appearances for such a young band, I want to be completely blunt with you all. This band is going to be special. State of Mind, in my opinion is simply brilliant, with songs that make you want to dance, and songs that make you want to cry. The Faim have a bright future!

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