Behind The Lens with Will Beach

For starters, who are you? Where are you from? What have you been up to? Tell us a little bit about yourself (this will be the intro paragraph before the interview starts)  My name is Will Beach, I’m a photographer and videographer based in South East London. I was born Continue Reading

Behind the Lens with Stevie Kyle

Photo by Cameron Brisbane Born and raised in Glasgow , Scotland, Stevie Started off his career in Television working on BBC Productions. His path quickly changed when an opportunity presented itself to go on tour with The Fratellis, taking him as far as New York, so it’s safe to say he’s Continue Reading

Behind The Lens with Arne Cardinals

Photo by Amy Ha Arne Desmedt – who goes by Arne Cardinals after the Alexisonfire song “Young Cardinals” – was born in a small town outside of Antwerp, Belgium. Currently, Arne lives and works in the lovely city of Antwerp as a traffic and safety controller for trains and “Yes! Continue Reading

Behind the Lens with Dieter Unrath

Based in New Jersey, Dieter Unrath always found himself at the crossroads between musician and photographer. In 2014, Unrath was playing in a band but found himself fooling around with a camera, shooting the opening bands at the shows he played. He quickly realized he had a passion for shooting shows Continue Reading