Milky Chance impresses with their third album, “Mind The Moon”

I’ve probably listened to Mind The Moon ten times in the last week. It’s one of those albums that has an excellent song for every part of my day: “Daydreaming” for my walk into work, “Fado” for focus time, “The Game” for the drive home. It’s been a few years since Milky Chance release Blossom in 2017 and even a few more since their debut album, Sadnecessary, in 2013. Listening to this album brought back memories of seeing their show in 2015 at The Depot in Salt Lake City, UT. The crooning voice of Clemens Rehbein and the bass of Phillip Dausch have created an impressive listening experience. It maintains many of their sounds from previous work and joins them together in an engaging new way.

Of my favorite songs on this album, “Eden’s House (feat. Ladysmith Black Mambazo)” reached the top. It began with the deep base of Daush and the raspy vocals of Rehbein. The song had a slow acoustic start that joins with the South African male choral group that is Ladysmith Black Mambazo. “You can always run away from that feeling/ No one ever makes me stay/ When your heart is bleeding, always bleeding.” A much slower song in comparison to something like “Stolen Dance” off Sadnecessary, “Eden’s House” had a soothing combination of the typical Rehbein vocals, mixed with a well-chosen featured group like Ladysmith Black Mambazo.

Next up on my list of favorites: “Rush(feat. Témé Tan)”. Mixing the strumming of Dausch with the singing of Rehbein, this song was a rhythmic, dancy beat. It mixed with the french voice of Témé Tan, a Brussels native. He sings of dreaming of a world together and achieving it without someone to enjoy alongside. Even in these lyrics, Milky Chance’s showed their melancholy side. “Thoughts just keep on drowning in my blue mind/in my blue mind, all the time.”

After six years of listening to the band, I loved this addition to their oeuvre. There are many amazing songs beyond my favorites on Mind the Moon, and it’s worth an in-depth listen.

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