EP Review: Brighten ‘I’ll Always Be Around’


The latest EP from Brighten, I’ll Always Be Around, has been long anticipated by fans. When recording first started, anticipation built up around the EP and left the majority of listeners satisfied. Starting off a little slower, the title track has a sweet melody and provides a smooth introduction. “Your World” picks up the tempo a bit, with an alternative rock vibe still remaining true to the Brighten sound. Light, melodious, and normally quite positive, Brighten has earned a spot in many headphones and playlists of fans. Still maintaining their sound, they manage to progress to a wider audience with this EP, and it wouldn’t be surprising if they achieved a wider fan base. Slowing down the record a bit,
“Pelican Park” shows off an even softer side, with beautiful acoustic guitar that transforms a few notes and lyrics into a real song. Branching off into a slightly angrier direction, “There For Me manages” to make a song about not getting over a girl and the anger incorporated into one of those songs that you can’t help but sing along too or tap out a beat with. Finally, I’ll Always Be Around concludes with “Whoever You Are”. It’s another love sick melody, with sweet acoustic guitar and an excellent recording and final mix. Overall, this record is very calming and lovely, just what fans expected- and a little bit more. Hopefully the wait between new music won’t be as long next time!

4 stars

by Laura Hennessey

Rating Chart: 
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