Hayley Kiyoko // Boston, MA 6.15.18

Hayley Kiyoko

Paradise Rock Club

Boston, MA

June 15th, 2018

Words and Photos by Adele Sakey

If you’re a fan of great cinema you will remember the 2011 Disney classic known as Lemonade Mouth. A group of high school students meet in detention and go on to form a Rolling Stone-rivaling band. Now Hayley Kiyoko, who donned the character of lead guitarist Stella Yamada, is all grown up and has evolved into a not-so-fictional pop star. Recently, Kiyoko brought her album Expectations on tour, stopping at the Paradise Rock Club for a sold out show.

The layout of this venue, located in the midst of Boston University’s campus, is abnormal. Fans crowd around all sides of the stage, both on the floor and balcony. Where ever you look there is someone with a smile across their face, waiting for Kiyoko to take the stage. After a series of music video experts flash across the screen, the musician makes her grand entrance, soundtracked to a room full of screaming fans.

Throughout the night there was not a silent or emotionless moment. There was not a moment when the pride flags on either end of the balcony fell. There was not a moment when Hayley ceased giving her all to the audience and them to her.

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