Tiny Moving Parts “Breathe” is both gut-wrenching and heat-warming

From the first note of the first track, it is clear Tiny Moving Parts are staying true to their sad lyrics, shouty vocals, and emo vibes. All things have worked in the past and continue to work for this band. 

Breathe, similar to other releases from this band in terms of music formula, but this record somehow feel very different. It seems more personal, more desperate to be heard. 

The lead single “Medicine” covers leaders singer Dylan Mattheisen being fearful of death, but not letting that fear stop him from living the best life he can. 

Songs on this record feel like stories, tracks like “Soft Spot” covering the feeling of wanting to be close to another, that feeling is later crushed in the track “Vertebrate” that talks about the crushing weight felt after heartbreak.

Tiny Moving Parts stick to the formula of a quintessential TMP song and seemed to have elevated it to create a new record of songs that feel familiar but also hit the listener in the gut just a little bit harder than usual. 

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