The Pixies are dark and angsty in new album “Beneath the Eyrie”

This past Friday, alt-rock band The Pixies release their newest album Beneath the Eyrie. This record casts a dark cloud in terms of mood, but throughout the record we see beams of light, hope maybe. 

From the first chord, the listeners can be casted back to the styles found in the 1990’s. However, even today, this somehow works. Maybe there is nostalgia there. Throughout these songs, The Pixies are working through their big life changes since their last record in 2016. 

The tracklist contains songs of eclectic styles, with heavier styled tracks  like “St. Nazaire” and “On Graveyard Hill”, and The Beatles and Johnny Cash-eqsue tracks like “Bird of Prey”. 

The sounds are angsty, reminders of past The Pixies albums. This feeling of angst that is carried through the record is what makes this album standout. 

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