Tigers Jaw – Saintseneca // Chicago, IL 6.15.17

Tigers Jaw – Saintseneca
The Metro
Chicago, IL

Last week, Tigers Jaw and Saintseneca hit The Metro in Chicago for a festive and fun show, along with support from Smidley. The bands’ performances were a hit from beginning to end, and the crowd confirmed that with their behavior.
Saintseneca, an indie-folk group that is reminiscent of bands like Lemuria, Pinegrove, and Waxahatchee definitely warmed up the audience and were a great transition between the first opener, Smidley, and Tigers Jaw. The band performed a nice mix of their older tracks, a few fan favorites, and some newer releases as well. Their lighting was very gentle and hazy, which matches their sound fairly well. Saintseneca is definitely an asset to the tour lineup, and are worth giving a listen to.
Following Saintseneca, Tigers Jaw put on a beautiful set from beginning to end. Brianna Collins on keyboard and performing vocals meshes perfectly with Ben Walsh on guitar and performing vocals as well. The two have a chemistry onstage that helps their instruments and voices mesh together into the most soothing, yet vibrant, melodies. The two, along with their touring bandmates, performed a wide variety of fan favorites flawlessly, along with throwing in a few new tunes off of their most recent release, Spin. The crowd was fairly mellow for the first half of their set, singing along loudly, but not moving too much. However, once they broke into hits like “Never Saw It Coming,” the crowd could not stand still. Countless crowd-surfers lit up by golden and blue-toned lights were a beautiful sight, and kept going a majority of the night. Then for their encore, the band performed the very moody and melodic hit “Hum,” off of their previous release, Charmer. Above all, the band performed hit after hit to an enthusiastic crowd, and it was a phenomenal night.

Photos and words by Nina Tadic

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