The Spill Canvas – Luxley – Blonde Roses // New Orleans, LA 9.30.16


The Spill Canvas


Blonde Roses

New Orleans, LA 9.30.16

It’s been a long time since The Spill Canvas has performed at the House of Blues in New Orleans, LA and fans packed the small upstairs venue, The Parish, eagerly awaiting the rock band’s return. Opening the show were two local New Orleans rock groups, Blonde Roses and Luxley. Blonde Roses kicked off the night with some gritty southern rock, showcasing front woman Molly Portier’s powerful and soulful vocals. Recently having changed their name and sound, Blonde Roses delivered a rich performance that cemented their place in the New Orleans rock scene. Possessing a completely different sound, electro-dance rock band Luxley bursted onto the stage with high-energy, forcing everyone in The Parish to do anything but stand still. Fans buzzed about The Spill Canvas and their excitement for the Requestour, a tour specifically designed to highlight fans’ favorite songs via a voting process done in advance. Stitched Sound got to interview both Blonde Roses and Nick Thomas of The Spill Canvas before the show, and you can expect those features in the next print issue!

Photos and review by Jordan Hefler

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