Album Review: Life On Repeat ‘Struggle + Sleep’

5 stars 

Life On Repeat recently released their latest album Struggle + Sleep on June 14th, 2011. This album shows a great amount of potential in the band and is sure to make you fall in love. Hailing from Salisbury, MD this five piece rock group worked with Taylor Larson (Sky Eats Airplane and Of Legends) on their latest release.

When listening to the first track on the album “Struggle & Sleep” it is apparent in the first minute that if you’re into good breakdowns and catchy riffs, Life On Repeat is the band for you. They bring a unique sound with melodies that are sure to repeat themselves in your head for a while. All the songs on this album are just filled with great lyrics and a strong rhythm which makes Struggle + Sleep so loveable. Not to mention that their lyrics are very well written and do send some important messages, for example the lines “How can we spread hatred so religiously / When we all have the time to recognize / That there’s someone out there who’ll never understand / That love is something worth living for” (in “The Need Not The Cause”).

Struggle + Sleep is an album that has a little of everything for everyone. They sound like a heavier pop punk group but at the same time they can add a good breakdown and still sound fantastic. Through this album it is easy to tell that Life On Repeat is an extremely talented band and deserve a listen.

By Cynthia Lam

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