Chūck Dūb and Piér Carsõn // Salt Lake City, UT 9.21.18

Chūck Dūb and Piér Carsõn

Metro Music Hall

Salt Lake City, UT

September 21, 2018

Words and Photos by Colton Marsala

As temperatures dropped on a fall September night, friends, family, and fans found themselves at Metro Music Hall for Chūck Dūb and Piér Carsõn’s show. Walking through the open patio, the doors open towards a long room that provided an intimate, and up-close experience with the band. Guitarists, vocalists, saxophonists, and music men extraordinaire, Chuck Windley and Carson Bowthorpe performed for over an hour, rocking hard through the whole set. Between the beautifully orchestrated lights and the smoking fog machine, the show was an amazing experience to shoot. Chūck Dūb and Piér Carsõn played “White Cheddar” and “Hot Pocket” which are some of their fan favorites. They played late into the night while the crowd danced below.

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