SHAED – Bishop Briggs // 05.10.17 Brooklyn, NY


Bishop Briggs

Music Hall of Williamsburg // Brooklyn, New York

May 10th 2017

Words & Photos by Sara Feigin

Once you get a small taste for Bishop Briggs’ live show, you want to see her whenever she comes into town. This is what happened to me after seeing Bishop perform at Pandora’s holiday show in December of 2016. When I found out she was touring again, I knew I had to see her play a full set to a room filled with people there specifically to see her. And to say she doesn’t disappoint would be an understatement, she blows you away. Bishop Briggs has incredible stage presence, and a voice that is so powerful that it genuinely sounds better live than it sounds in recordings. Bishop owns the stage, and has an energy unlike any I’ve ever seen. She let’s every single song take over her body, and you can see in her eyes that she’s completely lost in the music. The crowd absolutely loves her, and she is feeding off of their energy and giving it back to them tenfold. Every song she sings has the potential of being a top 40 hit, and when her set is over, I leave wanting to put her music on Spotify and listen to her tunes for the next couple of days.

Bishop Briggs is on tour across the USA through mid-June and is playing Festival throughout the summer. Be sure to catch her out on the road while she’s still playing small venues, because this girl is going to take over the world, just you wait and see.

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