Review: Merriment ‘Through The Rough E.P’

The debut EP of Tyler, Texas band Merriment is a beautiful reminder of how wonderful music can be. Merriment is a band composed of siblings Christie and Colin DuPree (the same DuPrees the make up indie rock band Eisley). The two create the perfect blend of old fashion folk music and clean vocals. Through the Rough contains five beautiful tracks with smooth simple lyrics that come from a person place. There’s not hidden messages or secrets when it comes to Merriment‘s lyrics. The pure honestly of the music makes it easy to relate to, think like Adele, but more upbeat.
The opening track “I Give Up” not only displays Christie DuPree’s wonderfully written lyrics about a rotten relationship, but it also showcases her amazing vocals. The album only gets better from here with the relaxed beautiful title track “Through the Rough” to the fast cute “Rewind”. The album, while containing a steady smooth enchanted folk sound, demonstrates all the possibilities for Merriment to go in the future. Both members of Merriment are still in their teens and while yes they still have a lot of room to grow this EP is the perfect start to their bright career in music.
Through the Rough is pure gold that is available on iTunes for only $4.95.

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  1. I love this band! I recently found them and I love the lead singer’s voice. This, my friend, is good music.

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