Album Review: Max Raptor Self-Titled


It’s been said before that punk is dead, but within seconds of listening to Max Raptor’s new self-titled album, it’s clear the band didn’t get the memo. With rousing lyrics to anger the calmest souls, vocalist Wil Ray offers a guttural cry to the rafters on all 12 tracks of this album.

Formed in 2006, the band garnered attention when touring with Canadian punk group Billy Talent in 2009. Since then, the band has drawn a modest but fervent fanbase. Those who know Max Raptor will be delighted to hear the band’s sound has evolved but stayed faithful to their roots. Those new to the band might be thrown off by the stadium-style punk sound but will soon be nodding their heads in unison.

The opening song, “Keep the Peace”, reminiscent of Against Me! and Andrew W.K., supply listeners with a classic punk song: aggressive, well-tuned guitar riffs, an in-your-face chorus, and aggressive drumming.

True to punk band fashion, Max Raptor keep their lyrics irate with just a little tongue in cheek (you have to find humor in screaming “Keep the Peace!”) and give listeners a truly exciting listening experience that will keep them shouting for more.

By Kate Scott

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