Beach Bunny Release Debut Album “Honeymoon”

Chicago’s indie act Beach Bunny release their debut album Honeymoon, fitting for lovers of “heart-on-your-sleeve” music. Honeymoon is an album full of honesty and innocence, that combines in a way that makes the music tunefully exuberant.

Lead singer, Lily Trifilio writes music overcoming self-doubt, that at face-value can seem archetypal, but with close examination are original views on different tropes. 

“Ms. California” takes jealousy and makes it feel like an anthem, one that is full of passion and makes listeners stop and feel. This track is followed up by the push-pull dynamic of “Colorblind”. Honeymoon ends with “Cloud 9”, a quick-paced love song, of unguarded feeling and realness. 

Every track feels raw and honest, and in their own way classic. The nine track record is fulled with real emotion accompanied by twin-guitar break, and energy. While feeling like a pity-party Honeymoon is able to make that feeling not too depressing.

All you need to do is play this record and just feel.

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