Review: Airsickness ‘Between All The Lies’


Airsickness is a pop/rock band from Tampa, FL who are sure to have their most incredible year yet, especially due to their new latest EP titled Between All The Lies which will be released on March 31st, 2015. The EP was produced by Brandon Ham (Set It Off, Divided By Friday) at Red Sparrow Studios, and is sure to please the masses. Airsickness is the perfect blend of the perfected heavy pop/rock and a breath of unique talent.

Between All The Lies kicks off with the strong “Choking On Flames” that successfully introduces the listener to the rest of the EP and Airsickness’ sound. They’ve got an extremely powerful sound that is hard hitting and extremely enjoyable at the same time. Next up is their single “Faking Smiles” that is the perfect encapsulation of the band’s talent and sound. It’s got all the ingredients needed for a hit song, great melodies that are catchy, and a wonderful message behind it.

“Faking Smiles” is a song about dealing with issues face to face rather than letting the little problems in life build you up to a breaking point. If you’re upset or angry, put all that energy into dreaming big and working to overcome.” – Airsickness

The third track, “Losing My Patience” is a heavier, fast-paced song that is also great and one that everyone can relate to. The rest of the EP, with the songs “Never Wanted”, “Darling Sabrina”, and “Heart Attack” are also extremely enjoyable.

From start to finish, Between All The Lies is just fantastic and at no point does Airsickness disappoint. The EP is utterly enjoyable from the first track to the last, and is definitely a EP that every rock listener needs to check out this year. It is set to release on March 31st, 2015 and is sure to amaze music fans everywhere.

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