Gryffin releases massive full length album “Gravity”

Intros always have my heart and Gryffin’s intro, on his new album Gravity, has a very special place in it, with calming and enchanted fade ins, it is like the beginning of an adventure.

Released previous to the album, “All You Need To Know” includes SLANDER ft.Calle Lehmann. The guitar in the background at the beginning carries Calle’s voice with beautiful lyrics like “Anything you feel, put it all on me, All of your thoughts, I want everything” completely complementing the calm start to the song. This song, from beginning to end, is absolutely beautiful. From the build up to the drop at the first chorus and straight through, it embodies the message that it is sending. It is also easy to say that the melody is absolutely stunning. It flows so smoothly, put together to create perfect harmony. This is one of my favourite songs on the album.

“Need Your Love” starts off with a guitar and then Noah Kahan’s vocals are brought in. The beginning of this song is quiet, hopeful and there entirely. Gryffin and Seven Lions are like a match made in heaven, with both of their styles tangling together like a braid. It is the drop that basically ties the whole song together as the vocals continue through the uplifting music.

“Tie Me Down” is easily one of those songs that you want to play with your friends, screaming the lyrics as you drive down the highway with the windows down. Elley Duhé’s voice fits perfect with the drum beat and the incredibly catchy melody. This entire song flows so beautifully yet carries an element of pop with it, which is an attractive addition. “Hold me up, tie me down, Cause I never wanna leave your side, I swear to never let you down” are lyrics that really express the overall atmosphere of wanting.

It is the simple beat that pulls you into “Nothing Like You” with DROELOE, featuring Hana. Compared to Tie Me Down, the atmosphere is so different. A relationship that’s fading away. Not to mention the actual musical aspect is much slower and more relaxed than the previous song on the album. Gryffin does so well with styles that are his own, but touch many different musical aspects.

This song, to begin, is absolutely beautiful. The way that “Remember” is put together, with ZOHARA’s voice melding completely into the music, truly shows off Gryffin’s writing skills. Everything within this song is almost light an airy, sort of representing what the beginning of a relationship is. “Don’t you remember, With all we used to do for each other, Remember the night we fell for each other” express that this song is really about a passing relationship.

I absolutely adore Maia Wright’s voice. Her vocals with Gryffin’s airy sound is so suiting of each other. Gryffin builds “Body Back” with her voice with the lyrics displaying your classic love song but wiht a catchy electronic spin. Like Romeo and Juliet, this song is so well written in it’s form of reaching the audience with its hopefulness.

“Bye Bye” featuring Ivy Adara is a true bop. Gryffin could not have chosen anyone better for this piece besides Ivy Adara. A sow entrance into a build that resonates off a very up beat pace, you just fall into the song as a whole. Almost every part of the song is soft yet powerful, pushing the obviously thoughtful writing process out through the melody.

“If I Left The World” featuring MARINA and Model Child isa perfect representation of how so many different sounds can be beautifully placed within a song. All of the vocals layered on top of one another carries the entire song. It’s all so synchronized and well carried out, with each note in the vocals hitting perfectly with the music. Marina and Model Child’s voices also meld into each other so well, accenting each other and the melody.

ZOHARA is back making magic with Gryffin, featured on “Out Of My Mind.” The beginning of this song focusses on her voice, with the beat coming in about two lines from the beginning of the song. The music that trails behind is almost like a symphony. The entire song is all vibes, with the song itself being about a mistake. Gryffin puts this song together so well as it almost isn’t noticeable that the lyrics like “Tell me now what do you expect, Do you expect me to me, Forgive and forget” are sad.This is one of the calmer tracks on the album and it works perfectly with the flow of the album.

I always love how Gryffin uses just vocals to pull in a listener before pulling in the music to form the rest of the song. From the first lyric sung, with a soft sound in the background, that is all that is needed to be inside the music. Baggage in particular starts off slowly before picking up and introducing a bouncy beat that courses throughout “Baggage.” Having Gorgon City and AlunaGeorge on this track really work well with how this song flows and I couldn’t see anyone different on this track.

“Just For A Moment” featuring Iselin is one of those songs that completely puts you in a scene, a moment. Iselin’s soft voice flows with this song, letting the music carry it. This song is an iconic one for gryffin, with the lyrics and the musical aspects being absolutely and perfectly assembled in a way that it touches everyone who listens. “We said our last goodbye, Won’t you stay the night? Even just for a moment” are the lyrics that pull the entire song together, letting it flow and showing, once again, just how talented Gryffin truly is.

The beginning of “OMG” really surprised me as the bouncy beginning seemed something different from Gryffin’s usual sound. It was once the chourus hit with Carly Rae Jepson’s voice did I see the Gryffin shining through. Carly works so well on this song, with her falsetto fitting right in with the boppy beat and fun melody.

If you wanted an anthem, you’ve got that in “You Remind Me” featuring Stanaj. With guitar chords that repeat in the background and lyrics like “Put your lovin’ on me now mama,I wanna love you, love you” the song is instantly catchy. I’d have to say this this masterpiece is one of my favourites of all time from Gryffin. Every aspect of it, from the melody to the piano and the bumpin beat just pulls you into the song entirely. It is also assembled perfectly, with each low accenting the next high and the pitch of Stanaj’s voice fitting with the music.

Aloe Blacc’s voice backed with simple piano is all that is needed to express how beautiful this song, “Hurt People”, is going to be. “Hurt people hurt people’s how it begins, And I don’t wanna cause you pain, This ain’t the way that I thought we would live” is how the song begins, the chorus being expressed in an absolutely beautiful way. The entire way through the first verse into the chorus, the weight of the song, the message of it shows through completely. Gryffin succeeded so well with creating this song in such a way that it resonates with whoever is listening.

Finishing off the album with “Nobody Compares To You” featuring Katie Pearlman was a perfect decision. This song embodies Gryffin as a whole. It shows his talent for lyrics, piecing together sounds and melodies. The entirety of the song, along with his signature beat to pull you along, is so well made. When this song was released as a single, it easily became one of the ones that Gryffin is best known for. The chorus and the drop synchronized so well together to create a track that finishes off the album with a bang.

Even with many of the songs on the album being released as singles, Gryffin successfully delivered this powerful album, showcasing his talent within the electronic world.

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