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The Chariot was formed in 2003 but has gone through several line-up changes since then. Is it hard to re-group after losing members?
Oddly enough it has actually been quite an easy task each time. It has always sort of just sort of fell into our laps which is how this has really been able to carry on as smoothly as it has.

How do you feel about being labeled as a “Christian band?” Do you feel it takes away from your music?
I am very rarely a big fan of labels in general. But I do have to say I am a little confused when I hear terms like “christian metal” or whatever other categories are out there. I feel like Christianity is a much deeper issue and it is a more intense and personal thing. Painting “Christianity” with such a broad stroke as defining an entire genre all its own is very misleading in my humble opinion. I don’t believe there are “christian” chords or “christian” drums beats out their, I think that is a very shallow look on a very personal/ deep belief. Having said all of that, YES, I am a Christian, through and through.

What makes The Chariot different from other bands out there?
Well, I can’t really say from a listeners point of view… you would have to interview someone at a show to find that information out. I can however speak from my point of view, one thing I absolutely love about this band is the ability to always stay on our toes. Some bands out there fall into a “cookie cutter” routine that they have no ability to stray from. We are forever changing things spur of the moment or evolving as a show goes on etc etc. We do practice and we try to be as solid as we can but at the end of the day we are totally able to just read off of each other and roll with the punches if need be. Sometimes it can be a very magical thing and to be honest it has occasionally turned into quite a train wreck, but either way it keeps shows fresh and albums fresh and keeps our “A.D.D.” brains entertained and active.

You all are about to embark on “The Ghostbustour” with iwrestledabearonce, Eyes Set To Kill, and Chelsea Grin. Do you have anything special planned for your set?
Well they are only giving us a 20 min set so we really don’t have time to milk anything. We have basically created one big medley of our songs and we are going to see how many we can fit in that time length. It will be fun because their will be no speaking no down time at all. We are really looking forward to it.

What would you like an audience member to get out of your show?
I would like for them to feel like they got their moneys worth. I know money is not easy to come by these days and it really means a lot to us to see people hanging out. We don’t really look at it as “us” on stage and “them” in the audience though, if anything we are ALL the audience. We experience every night just as much as they do. That is why it is important to us to make sure that every show is different and does not feel the same. Fresh. At the end of the day we hope they leave with a true blessing that they are able to remember for some

Can you think of any memorable tour pranks or backstage moments from past tours?
Well most tour pranks I probably should not mention. But I guess I can tell you this one. One time our friend was doing the Gallon Challenge (drink a gallon of milk as fast as you can without throwing up, of course you always throw up eventually, don’t try this at home) and he started throwing up into this bucket we had ready. Well one time in particular as he was doing his deed into the bucket he got light headed and lost his balance. Well not only did he fall over but he fell head first into the bucket that he was holding. Needless to say we laugh for quite a while over that one. (hopefully that was decent enough)

Are there any cities or countries you haven’t visited but you would love to play in?
Alaska, Japan, The Moon.

Do you prefer to record or go on tour? Why?
Tour. We love recording a lot but we only really do that so that we can stay on tour. Touring is what this band is all about. That is where you get to hang out with folks and meet people. It is awesome.

I can only imagine what being in a tour bus for months on end is like. How do you stay sane?
Well, we tour in a van, I don’t [know] anything about the “tour bus” lifestyle but for us in a van it rules. We can stop whenever we like and we are able to ride with our windows down etc etc. The only way I can stay sane is because I was made for this. I go crazy staying in one place for too long. Touring makes sense.

Are there any subjects or themes that are present in several of your songs?
Mediocrity and the ever present battle of trying not to fall into it or give in to it. Mainly just personal situations that come up in life. I speak a lot on grace and God and how crazy He is. Those are probably the main topics that might be found in more then one song.

Your most recent release is Wars and Rumors of Wars. What was it like writing and recording that album?
It was a very quick process. Seemed like we were in and out with that one. Within 2 months it was written and recorded. We are
pretty fast with that sort of stuff though, again, the quicker we get done with that the quicker we get back on tour.

If you could only listen to three songs for the rest of your life, what would they be and why?
Easy, 1: Bridge Over Troubled Water (Elvis Presley’s version), 2: Stay With Me (Lorraine Ellison’s version) 3: Unchained Melody (Righteous Brothers).

Can you offer aspiring musicians a word of advice?
Work hard. Sleep less.

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