Album Review: Transit ‘Young New England’


The Boston based band known as Transit are back on the touring scene with their newest offering Young New England. These lads burst onto the scene abruptly in the past couple years and have become a growing fan favorite. Reaching fans of many genres, Transit are back to get attention from music listeners with their most recent album which is completely their own.

Get ready for a listening extravaganza. “Nothing Lasts Forever” is the first track as well as the shortest, and it does a good job of kicking off the album. Among all the hardcore and metal bands in the scene these days Transit are a breath of fresh air. “Second to Right” is a heartfelt tune showcasing the raw vocals this band has to offer. The title track “Young New England” starts off with a lovely chant that greatly showcases the bands personality, in my opinion. This song is definitely worthy of it’s title track name! “Hang It Up” is a notable tune as well, it definitely stands out compared to the rest with it’s more unique vocals and riffs. I could see “Thanks For Nothing” being played on the radio during the summer. The album closer (as well as longest track on the album) is called “Lake Q” and it’s perfect to finish with.

The whole album feels like it was effortless to write and as if every track just flowed from the bands hearts. The fact that the recordings aren’t completely drowned out by computerization is awesome as well. The whole collection of songs feel passionate. Overall Transit have made another great album and I’m sure they’re only going forward from here.

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