New Name, New Sound with Locket’s All Out


After a short hiatus in 2016, group Safe to Say make a comeback under new name Locket. This new name was the starting point of a new era and new sound for the group. “All Out” echoes the integrity and creative process of this band. 

The record opens up with “Out of Sight”, easily remembered for the lyrics “is anybody loving us back”, a sentiment that echoes not only through the song but into the next. The record ends with the track “Even If It Kills Me”, with the stand out lyrics “ I hope you take your time and learn to be okay” which seems to be a call back to “Out of Sight”. 

Every track on this record stands out alone, but also ease together. All have the ability to showcase storytelling through catchy lyrics and riffs. While you can point out what makes each track special in its own regard, what makes this record special is its ability to make all these songs work together. It doesn’t just sound like a collection of songs thrown together, even though the sound of each track varies. Each lyric and each note sound intentional in conveying the overall theme to “feel free to say what you feel, because you can’t fix problems if you’re not letting them out.”

Whether you were a fan of Safe to Say or just discovering Locket, this record is a must listen for everyone.

Listen below,

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