Album Review: Pleasures ‘Fucked Up Dreams Come True’


Florida’s dark psych-rock quartet PLEASURES have just announced a vinyl release of their latest full-length album Fucked Up Dreams Come True and will be hitting the road for a month-long US tour to celebrate. The album which the band proclaims is “dark and doomy sex music for robots” came to us back in February and explores the psychotic nature of love vs. self-control and notions of action vs. consequence; based on singer/guitarists Kathreine Kelly’s experience where a love interest appeared seemingly out of nowhere and changed her understanding of the abstract world of concepts and binaries. She says “It’s pivotal that I had never been moved to write songs about another person in my entire musical life […], and now there’s a whole album dedicated to one.” The album is an 8 track psychedelic trip filled with haunting vocals, warped guitars, stimulating synth and lyrics layered with sexual tension.
You can check out their latest video for their single the “The Summer Strip” and be sure to catch their stimulating live show this summer in a city near you!

by Joanna Glezakos

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