Album Review: Creeper ‘Eternity, In Your Arms’

United Kingdom horror punks Creeper just released their brand new full length album, Eternity, In Your Arms, and it is definitely worth checking out. Creeper has always had a very theatrical sound, and this carries through with their newest release. Eternity, In Your Arms, gives off a very gothic vibe – it’s spooky in its melodies, and is still something to dance to.

In the beginning of the first track, listeners are introduced to Creeper with a few recited lines paired with some slow and entrancing piano keys. Then the track, “Black Rain,” presses onward and weaves itself into a rock ballad full of passion. It then blends beautifully into the second track, “Poison Pen,” which is just as quick-paced and wild. Strong drumming frames the song incredibly, and goes fantastically with the speedy rhythm guitar and bass. Vocalist Will Gould’s passionate yelling and singing are eerily beautiful, and go compliment the hyper energy of the song extremely well.

The album in and of itself feels like a rock opera from beginning to end. It’s very reminiscent of Black Parade-era My Chemical Romance, as far as style and sound goes. As a whole, it is extremely catchy and feels as though it could easily push the band to further fame among the alternative scene. Eternity, In Your Arms, is definitely the key album needed to push Creeper to further popularity.

Review by Nina Tadic

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