Album Review: Cold Moon “Rising”

Review by Mike Thomas

Pure Noise Records sure knows how to pick em’ and they found something special in Northern California based band Cold Moon. Comprised of The Story So Far’s Will Levy on Bass, Jack Sullivan on guitar/vocals, Kevin Ambrose on guitar, and a name we certainly haven’t forgotten (or at least I haven’t) Mike Ambrose of Set Your Goals on drums

When asked to review this album, I believed I was signing up for a hard-hitting, angsty, pop-punk EP. Instead, and much to my delight, I discovered Cold Moon took the exact opposite in approach, ddelivering six wonderful tracks recorded to tape to bring a vintage feel to how they were once done. Being an indie based group, with a naturally flowing sound, Cold Moon opens up ambient and relaxed melodies in “Wake Up.” Drawing inspiration from bands like American Football and Wilco, we are lead on a gradual climb musically, and as the intro track progresses, we reach the end of “Wake Up” and dive into “Stevie.” 

Across the EP, there is a rawness felt in the music.  Jack Sullivan’s voice adds a dynamic aspect to Rising, instead of vocals being a driving force behind the tracks, instead the lyrics accent each individual track giving us a complete and balanced sound that rises an falls with each individual track. Lyrically, Cold Moon takes on many of life’s challenges, from change and vulnerability to overcoming life’s obstacles, and tribulations. 

Through and through, Cold Moon isn’t exactly “My Cup Of Tea”. however! through the hours listened, the miles spent on the road gathering my thoughts regarding this EP, I’ve found a true appreciation for the term ‘Art’, and as Cold moon has shown us, it comes in many forms, and sounds. Indie-rock fans may find something new and a fresh with Rising. The best part, this is only the beginning for Cold Moon, and we’re excited to see what the future holds for our indie-rock friends!

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