Album Review: Camille Bloom ‘Pieces Of Me’


Set to be released on September 9th, Pieces Of Me is a masterpiece from Seattle-based indie-rock musician Camille Bloom. Beginning her career in 2002, Camille’s soothing vocals and personal lyrics have led her around the world and back, spreading her music to all who open their ears. After a success crowd funding campaign, Pieces Of Me was produced solely by Camille herself, giving insight into just how multi-talented this musician really is.

Pieces Of Me opens with “Lift Me Up”, a stunning five minute acoustic number that is filled with a medley of soothing guitar riffs and orchestral sounds. As a track that greatly displays Camille’s honest and well-written lyrics, “Lift Me Up” is the perfect opening song that introduces listeners to the overall feel of the album.

Following “Lift Me Up” is “Hit The Road”, a fun country-influenced song that has a mix of acoustic and electric guitar and fast percussion, making it one of those tunes you just can’t help, but tap your foot to. “Hit The Road” is a very big contrast to the opening track of Pieces of Me and really shows Camille’s versatility and ability to incorporate different genres of music into her work.

A standout moment comes from “Everywhere But Here”, a haunting ballad filled with the ghostly melody of a piano. As a slow-tempo song, Camille’s vocal range is shown greatly, showcasing her ability to convey true emotions through her singing and lyrics. No matter who listens to this song, the emotions and feelings weaved in and out of four and a half minutes will leave every listener feeling something they didn’t feel prior.

In contrast to the tone of “Everywhere But Here” is “Nice To Meet You”, a sugary sweet acoustic guitar tune that is bound to leave you smiling at some point in its three minutes. Reminiscent of Ingrid Michaelson, “Nice To Meet You” evokes feelings that everyone can relate to, reminding each listener of a loved one they hold close to their hearts, while incorporating an upbeat and all-inclusive chorus that will cause everyone to sing along.

The tracks included on Pieces Of Me greatly show Camille Bloom’s ability to push the envelope in the world of singer/songwriters. Showcasing many influences and incorporating a number of music genres in each of her tracks, Camille Bloom is much more than just a songbird with a guitar.

Review by Rachael Dowd

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