White Reaper – Militarie Gun – Mamalarky // Louisville, KY // 3.25.23

White Reaper with Militarie Gun and Mamalarky

Headliners Music Hall

Louisville, KY

March 25th, 2023


Beloved Louisville band White Reaper sold out Headliner’s Music Hall on March 25th, with fans filling the venue for the hometown show!  Currently on their Asking For A Ride Tour, the band is touring in support of their latest album Asking For A Ride, released in January of this year. Opening the show this evening was Atlanta indie rock band Mamalarky. Playing a blend of genres spanning indie rock to psychadelic rock to jazz rock, the band performed a short but varied set list that included a couple of singles, as well as songs from their 2020 self-titled album and 2022’s Pocket Fantasy. Singer/guitarist Livvy Bennett and bassist Noor Khan chatted a bit with the crowd throughout the set. Towards the end of their set, Bennett told the crowd that “We brought a lot of records on tour and now have less records. Do you know what would be great? If we had no records left! Come see us at the merch table after the show!”. They ended their set with “Counterfeit”, a song that Bennett said they don’t play much and is only available of Bandcamp, and “You Make Me Smile”. Next up was LA hardcore band Militarie Gun. Formed by singer Ian Shelton in 2020, the band performed songs this evening from their 3 EP’s, 2020’s My Life Is Over, and 2021’s All Roads Lead To The Gun (June) and All Roads Lead To The Gun II (September). “We are Militarie Gun from LA!”, announced Shelton. “We’ve been on tour for the better part of a month and this is our last night with Mamalarky and White Reaper!”. They then performed their latest single “Do It Faster”. These guys were pure energy from the first note, with Shelton pacing the stage and engaging the crowd throughout the set, and the crowd being equally engaged right back. Ending their set with “Big Disappointment”, Sheldon told the crowd “Give it up for the hometown heroes White Reaper! We are so stoked that they decided to take us on tour with them!”

Closing out this evening was the band everyone was waiting for-White Reaper! Starting things off with “Make Me Wanna Die” from their 2015 album White Reaper Does It Again, they followed it up with the title track from their new album! White Reaper always brings the on-stage party and this evening was no different. Full of energy and love for their fans, friends, and family in the crowd, everyone was singing along with the band and filling the venue with a euphoric energy! Their was plenty of engagement with the crowd, with keyboardist Ryan Hater announcing early on, “I always get wildly nervous playing in front of people I love and I love a lot of you!”. Ryan, guitarist/vocalist Tony Esposito, guitarist Hunter Thompson, bassist Sam Wilkerson, and drummer Nick Wilkerson were all having a great time together on stage, with Ryan at one point standing at the barricade and singing to/with the fans! Sam asked the crowd “Whose first show of ours is this?”, with a few claps, then saying “That’s pretty cool!”. He then asked “Did anyone travel from out of state?” before jokingly adding that Indiana doesn’t count! Performing a 20 song setlist that included “Might Be Right”, “I Don’t Think She Cares”, “Pink Slip”, “Little Silver Cross”, and “Fog Machine”, they gave 110% to their fans this evening. Ending the night with their hit “Judy French” from their 2017 album The World’s Best American Band, they closed out the set with a bang! Having started out in 2012, it’s been really fun to watch the progression of the band and their sound over the years and they most definitely make their city proud!









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