Fozzy – Seventh Day Slumber – The Nocturnal Affair // Louisville, KY // 3.31.23

Fozzy with Seventh Day Slumber and The Nocturnal Affair

Mercury Ballroom

Louisville, KY

March 31st, 2023


Fozzy brought their Save The World Tour Mercury Ballroom on Friday night to a packed house, and the fans were ready to party! Opening the show was Las Vegas alternative rock band The Nocturnal Affair. Performing their singles “Ghosts on the Horizon” and “Down”, as well as songs from their 2017 The Demos EP and 2022 album (Meta)morphosis, they also treated the crowd to a couple of fun covers of Haddaway’s “What Is Love (Baby Don’t Hurt Me)” and Depeche Mode’s “It’s No Good”, which really got the crowd singing along. These guys had a really great stage presence and worked hard to engage the crowd, asking how many had seen them before and leading them in singalongs! It was a great start to the evening. Next up was hard rock/Christian rock band Seventh Day Slumber. Performing songs that spanned their vast catalog of albums, as well as their latest single “Surviving The Wasteland”, they had a lot of energy on stage and really got the crowd moving! Chatting with the crowd a bit throughout the set, singer Joseph Rojas got serious with the crowd as the band was about to sing “Caroline”, a song about his mother-in-law. He talked about having lived a messed up life when he was younger, strung out on dope and locked up, and how he was broken, hurt, lost, and looking for something to numb the pain. He later tried to commit suicide after a cocaine binge and woke up in the back of an ambulance, giving his life to God at that moment. He went onto say how he is not ashamed of his faith and was not trying to preach-that was just his story. He said that no matter how good your life is or how much you turn things around, there will always be people who want to hold you hostage to your past, but that his mother-in-law never did and never treated him badly because of his past. He didn’t have the words to say to her what he wanted to say, so he wrote the song for her. They kept the crowd engaged and had them nice and ready for Fozzy!

Closing out the show was Atlanta heavy metal/hard rock band Fozzy, fronted by singer Chris Irvine (also known by his pro-wrestler moniker Chris Jericho)! These guys were pure energy from the moment they walked out on stage, with Chris spending a lot of time standing on a lit up box/platform at the front of the stage with FOZZY printed on the front. Starting the set off with “Sane”, “Drinking With Jesus”, “Nowhere To Run”, and “Do You Wanna Start A War”, he was all smiles as the crowd cheered and sang along to each song sung, taking in the love and good energy being directed towards the band by their fans! He chatted quite a bit with the crowd during the set, and it was very clear that the band loves their fans as much as their fans love them! Chris made sure everyone was having a good time! “This is the biggest headlining show we’ve played here in KY! Thanks for letting us make our dreams come true and play rock and roll on stages around the world! If you have a passion and fire and wanna make it happen, I don’t care how crazy it sounds! Go and make it happen! This song is about making your dreams come true. It’s called “I Still Burn”!”. Keeping the crowd engaged, they then performed the track “Burn Me Out”, with Chris announcing that it’s a bouncy song and asking the crowd “Do you wanna bounce with us?”, with the band and crowd proceeding to bounce up and down! A couple of songs later, as the band was about to perform their track “God Pounds His Nails”, Chris said “You guys are loud as fuck tonight! Wanna get louder?”. He proceeded to talk the fans through how to help out with the next song. “For part 1, you will say “Hey, Hey, Hey” and Part 2 involves math. You didn’t know you’d have to do math at a Fozzy concert”, joking that that’s why you should always read the fine print! For Part 2, you will say 1, 2, 3″! Ending the set with “”Enemy”, the band then performed a 2 song encore that included “Judas” and fun cover of “Blitzkreig Bop”! They gave their fans a great show this evening that had them singing along to the very last note!








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