What Sparked Your Interest: Trenton Woodley of Hands Like Houses


Just before the end of their UK tour this past spring, we caught up with Hands Like Houses vocalist Trenton Woodley and he opened up about how his deep connection with music over the years helped him realize he wanted to become a musician. 

“For me, I was going through some pretty tough times when I started getting into music. You know, the standard sort of like coming of age thing, with my own mental health and relationship struggles, and even leaving the church and my system of belief behind. It took me years and still it’s settling into who I am and what I believe in and how that impacts the way I engage with the world. So music has always been a really cool avenue to not only reflect, but using other songs as a point of seeing other people go through stuff and express themselves as a reference point. Our fans listen to our stuff and people are looking for a reflection and also direction, and that was always attractive to me, in the sense that I love the capacity of music to be such a human experience rather than a system of notes or formula.

For our band, we always try to be real and inject ourselves into what we do and you see how we reflect ourselves in what we do. I mean, my struggles are very much what I write about and that becomes a part of how people see the band and what they take out of it is completely separate from what I put into it, but at the same time, it’s still substantial and meaningful because of that. The way my mind works, it makes me fascinated of how music is a human experience and the way that we reflect as humans. We see a reflection of ourselves but also direct ourselves according to these influences and I think that concept is fascinating and it is such a broad field that there’s always something new to learn and engage with.”

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Interview by Emily Truong

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