Spag Heddy // Vancouver, BC // 10.4.19

Celebrities underground, the basement of a nightclub that I had never ventured into, until now. Showing up not long after doors, we waited approximately ten minutes before my friends and I were finally in and heading into the underground. The first noticeable thing was how hot it was as coatcheck was necessary even while just standing in the entryway. Then upon entering the main room, I was hit with a wave of sound. It was loud, the type of loud that I was not prepared for. Heavy drops from Ivory began to ring out and instantly, I could feel the excited energy within the room. A basement full of headbangers, who could ask for anything else?

Ivory did an incredible job of keeping the energy in the room hyped up. I had never heard of him before, but once I was out on the dance floor, head banging with my friends, I knew that I had found a new artist to listen to on the daily. And his set was very well put together; every drop had me throwing down and completely feeling the music.

When the man himself came on stage, it was as if the energy in the entire room amplified by 100%. People everywhere became more into the music and as the drops began, it was evident that this was was excellently put together. Spag Heddy, like always, brought in beautiful musical aspects along with heavier bass, working well with the late night atmosphere. He played for about an hour and a half, playing his own music to that of others, all remixed perfectly together. The whole night was a blur as the hot room seemed to meld with the music. Spag Heddy finished at around two am, going out with a bang. 

His set was by far one of the best that I have seen in a club in a while. He pulled out all of the tricks from his hat, fully putting on a truly amazing performance.

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