Single Review: Lemonhaze ‘Mercury’


It isn’t often that you come across an artist who can renew their sound and revamp their style while staying true to who they are. It’s a precarious area, when an artist begins to discover who they truly want to be musically and how to find balance with the space they are in. In “Mercury” Lemonhaze has arrived.

There is a new feel, a vitality to the new release, and it captured my attention from the first verse. Structurally, “Mercury” is a seamless transition from poppy synths (collaborated by James Crawford) and crisp guitar melodies layered over bustling, unapologetic rhythms. Glasgow native Gerry Doran manages to bind the lyrics to the medley effortlessly with his unique tone and poetic phrasing.

There is a rawness to the lyrical content that connects you to the nostalgia of all of the possibilities the beginning of summer holds. With “Mercury”, Lemonhaze has managed to breathe new life and style into their work and the follow up tracks are much anticipated.

Review by Canonblue Lalley

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