ALBUM REVIEW: Øzwald – Born in a State

Øzwald- Born in a State

If you crave simple music that has been untainted by modern trends, Øzwald’s latest, Born in a State is for you. It is a follow up from the debut release, Sweet Delirium. To truly capture the essence of this LP, it would be best played in the vinyl format on a vintage turntable with vintage speakers. 

Øzwald, a duo comprised of members of the alternative rock band, Lifehouse, released their latest LP, Born in a State.   Jason Wade and Steven Stout explore a deeper and simpler sound in this project, a significantly different sound than Lifehouse has produced in its 20-year music history.   ‘Born in a State’ transports the listener to a simpler time of the late 1960s where simple melodies, minimalistic guitar and hauntingly beautiful lyrics tell a story. This is evident throughout the LP but especially on Wasting Time, Born in a State and Total Prequel.  The harmony Wade and Stout are reminiscent of the Everly Brothers or an early Simon and Garfunkel in a beautifully raw, modern way.  

Worth the Wait is a highlight of the LP.  Between the lyrics and actual sound, this song is ideal to play while on a cross country road trip or reminisce about the past.  Worth the Wait was released as a single with a corresponding nostalgic video that captures the heart of the song. The upbeat song is driven by a light percussion and a pedal steelesque riffs that lightens the overall mood of the rest of the LP.    The chorus is simple but effective and will be on repeat in your mind. “You’ll figure it out or so I’m told. This time is worth its weight in gold. Let’s figure it out before we grow old. This time is worth the wait in gold.”

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Reviewed by Tracy Tedrow-Pinter


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