Review: The Season Premiere ‘For All The Lovers’

Rating: 3/5

It’s a girl’s night out; a burger, fries, a shake, and some bowling are arranged. You’re at the bowling alley, and cutesy pop punk music starts playing from the speakers while warm colored lights shine on your bowling shoes. The music makes the pre-teen girls smile and squeal. Here’s the band that could quite possibly be playing: The Season Premiere and their new EP, For All The Lovers.

The first song “Anything But Love” is a charming song with sweet lyrics that include endearing “baa baa ba ba baa”s. The EP continues on with its typical sound to a metaphoric song, about being a fire. The next song, “Two Years Late” has a little more edge to it with a more upbeat, catchy tempo, but it’s still the same idea. Staying close to their boy band persona, the five songs by The Season Premiere present a finite range of musical variation, but infinite opportunities for girlies to giggle to the fun, light tunes about girls and relationships.

By Stefany Bryan

Rating Chart: 
1 – Trash it | 2 – Stream it | 3 – Download it | 4 – Buy it | 5 – Keep it on repeat

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