Album Review: Cinema Sleep ‘Make Your Way’


It seems that this spring is bringing a bunch of great releases, and Cinema Sleep’s Make Your Way is definitely one of them. The five song EP has everything that a rock and roll album needs, and it all fits together beautifully.

The thing that is most enjoyable about Make Your Way is the way that several genres are implemented into the album. Although it is categorized as rock, there are also several pop and post hardcore elements. “Through This House” starts off the album on a positive note, giving the audience a taste of Cinema Sleep‘s heavier side. The album is definitely enjoyable, and it flows from one song to another, which is something a lot of albums seem to lack lately. However, it is difficult to tell when one song ends and another begins.

Overall, Make Your Way is impressive and memorable. By drawing from their personal backgrounds, the members of Cinema Sleep have created a musical masterpiece that is sure to impress many.

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