Michael Bublé | Resorts World Arena, Birmingham – UK | 10/05/23

Michael Bublé

‘Higher’ Tour

Resorts World Arena – Birmingham

Birmingham, UK

10th May 2023

Photos and Words by: Dan Rose

On 10th May 2023, multi-Grammy-award-winning showman Michael Bublé played the first out of two back-to-back Birmingham dates. Fans of all ages, from young to old, packed out Birmingham’s Resorts World Arena to see him live as part of his ‘Higher’ tour.

It was my first time seeing Michael perform live and what an incredible night I chose to attend. Upon entering the arena floor, the layout was immediately unlike how I’ve normally seen this venue, as there were no standing sections at all. However, this did not stop gig goers from standing up in their seats and non-stop dancing throughout the setlist of 20+ songs that evening (for those interested, the impressive setlist is included at the bottom of the article.) A long walkway that was linked to the main stage enabled Michael to walk to the centre of the arena floor onto a B-stage to perform during parts of the show too. Unusually, there was no opening act during the evening, which was different from many other gigs I’ve been to previously, but I liked that it wasn’t as long a wait to see the Canadian superstar take to the stage.

Initially, the main stage was concealed by an enormous, draped stage curtain prior to the show kicking off. This soon rose shortly after 8pm when the crowd caught their first glimpse of the beloved singer-songwriter gracing the stage accompanied by an incredible live orchestra. It was clear to see how much effort was put into this tour as everything was spectacular, from the stage production and live band, to the pyrotechnics and use of confetti. During the evening, Michael wholeheartedly thanked the crowd for spending their hard-earned money on tickets and for allowing 130 people, who are part of the production team, to live their dreams doing what they love. I have always admired how effortless it seems watching Mr Bublé perform on television over the years and his renowned charisma was just as apparent live as it is on screen, since he is such a natural born performer.

Along with his extensive setlist, Michael spoke often in between performances and brought a comedic energy to the show as well. He often walked off stage along the barriers at the side of the B-stage and took photos, threw ‘MB’ embroidered handkerchiefs for fans to keep and interacted with gig goers. This wasn’t just once or twice either; it happened multiple times throughout the night. I’ve never seen an artist make so much time for their fans during a concert before which is a testament to his compassion and positive energy. Michael seems like such a kind, genuine person and told the crowd that as long as they’d have him, he’d continue to keep returning to Birmingham to perform. Just over halfway through the show, the curtain on the main stage descended to cover everyone on it. Shortly after, Michael made his way to the B-stage along with his three backing vocalists, and a few members of the live orchestra, to perform an Elvis Presley Medley in which they covered ‘One Night’, ‘All Shook Up’ and ‘Can’t Help Falling in Love.’

After performing twenty hits, the swing singer bowed to the packed arena and stood on a platform which transported him beneath the main stage as the orchestra continued playing. A lot of the concert-goers thought that the show was over, but how wrong were they! The massive screens to the side of the main stage projected videos of each member of the orchestra as they played the instrumental for ‘Smile.’ Every single person that was a part of the musical ensemble was introduced to the crowd as they played their respective solo parts with their chosen instruments. An encore followed this number and Michael performed another three songs before the magical evening eventually came to an end.

If you ever get the opportunity to see Michael perform live, I would highly recommend doing so. He’s a contemporary yet classic musical legend in my opinion, has remained so graciously humble and the laid-back nature of his show was very refreshing to experience.

‘Higher’ Tour Setlist


Feeling Good

Haven’t Met You Yet



Such a Night


When You’re Smiling




Higher (Am)


To Love Somebody

Hold On


I’ll Never Not Love You




One Night

All Shook Up

Can’t Help Falling in Love


My First My Last My Everything

It’s a Beautiful Day



Smile (Instrumental)

Cry Me a River

How Sweet It Is

Always On My Mind

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