Singer-songwriter Mourning Coffee premieres his double single, “Capricorn” and “Cancer”

The latest combined releases from Mourning Coffee, “Cancer,” and “Capricorn,” are a captivating and stunning experience that perfectly complements the intricate and thoughtful releases that have led us to this point from the artist. The tracks are both dreamy with a dose of nostalgia, which is a rare find in the current musical landscape. Frontman Christian Diana’s misty vocals deliver a strong and powerful performance on both tracks that perfectly complements the melodic masterpiece of the songs. Right from the start, the artist’s grooves are infectious and his evolution as an artist over the past year is extremely impressive. While the vocals display a heartfelt tone, the songs compliment each other nicely. The beats are subtle, ensuring that they don’t overpower the other accompanying instruments. Throughout the release, the instrumentation continues to shine, with melodies perfectly punctuating each word and chords that hover like a floating cloud.

“To follow up my last record ‘Above & Below’, I decided to release two very personal songs to me. ‘Cancer’ is dedicated to my mother, who was a Cancer sign. In the song I dig into my relationship with her and how she inspires me to deliver the best version of myself. I’ve found the tragedy of a loss like this was my greatest opportunity for growth. ‘Capricorn’ is a reflection of that growth, but through a romantic lens. I’m a Capricorn myself, so there’s a few self-references here, but this is also dedicated to all the Capricorns I’ve met. Each one teaching me a lesson about myself, something you may pick up on as you listen.”


Mourning Coffee’s latest release is a masterful example of folk rock, combining polished performances and emotionally rich lyrics that flow effortlessly into the accompanying video. The vocals are delivered with a sense of dignity that brings everything together, while the instrumentation ranges from celebratory to introspective, creating a truly beautiful listening experience. Mourning Coffee, formerly signed to Brink Records and Manic Kat Records and former frontman of touring band The Foxfires, has recently rebranded and is accompanied by a band. With promising and intriguing releases in the pipeline, fans can expect to hear more from this talented artist in the coming months. With emotionally charged lyrics and a passionately evocative style, “Cancer” and “Capricorn,” establish the standard for Mourning Coffee’s rise to the mainstream.


You can connect with Mourning Coffee via the following links. Bio taken from press release.



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