Andrew North & The Rangers premiere their first live album, Thanks for the Warning-Volume 1

Andrew North & The Rangers, a jam-rock band from New Hampshire, have recently released their first live album, Thanks for the Warning – Vol. 1. This marks their first release since their highly acclaimed debut studio album, Phosphorescent Snack, which was released in 2021. The live album includes tracks recorded last year, mixed, and mastered by Ben Collette at Tank Recording Studio in Burlington VT. It showcases the band’s growth and development, with the addition of two new members, saxophonists Rob O’Brien and Jillian Rorke, and an increase in shows. The current lineup consists of keyboardist Andrew North, drummer Dale Grant, bassist Chip Spangler, and percussionist Randy Hunneyman. Andrew North expressed his excitement about the album, stating that it documents the band’s significant year and where they are currently at.

“We had such a big year, it really felt worth documenting with an album,” said North. “Thanks for the Warning – Vol. 1 is a great reflection of where we are at right now, and live tracks bring the right energy to share with a wider audience. I am so grateful to be part of a group of friends and great musicians that love to compose, write, experiment, jam, and most of all have fun together.”





The album features 10 songs, including newer crowd-pleasers such as “Infinity Spinning,” “Epiphone,” and “Sneaky Lou”, as well as re-imagined versions of old favorites like “Chicken in the Backyard” and “Down the Pipes”. The collection also includes “Fluffy Stranger,” a quirky composition about a furry creature that offers sage advice. The album is a testament to the band’s skill, versatility, and playful spirit. “We are having such a great time playing together, we really just want to share that as much as we can,” said North. “We want to keep bringing people in.”Thanks for the Warning – Vol. 1 Tracklist

  1. Thing About the Woods
  2. Epiphone
  3. Fluffy Stranger
  4. Infinity Spinning
  5. Chicken in the Backyard
  6. I Want to be a Ranger
  7. Down the Pipes
  8. 50-50
  9. Electrostatic Chills
  10. Sneaky Lou

You can connect with the band via the following links:

Instagram | Twitter | Spotify | YouTube | Website | Facebook | Bandcamp | iTunes/Apple Music

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