Ishi // New York, NY 10.14.16


Piano’s // NYC, New York

October 14th 2016

Photos & Review By Claudia Innes

Ishi ( ), the fun rock duo form Dallas, TX, are my new fave wizards of dance!  Their music is self-described as ranging “from funk, nu disco, and indie rock bathed in the gospel of Prince/LCD Sound System.”

Comprised of JT Mudd ( ) and Jonathan Merla  ( ), the name Ishi is they brought a mystical, multi-sensory, dance party to Pianos in NYC.

Their third EP Juno (  ) was released on September 20016, and for you art nerds out there, you should know that Ishi teamed up, again, with UK artist James Marsh ( ), known for his creative album art concepts with experimental UK band Talk Talk ( ).

These wonderful humans have decided to lead the way by paying it forward and donating 50% of all digital sales to Music Is Our Weapon (, a non-profit organization that focuses on providing music therapy to people with cognitive disorders.

Fellow nerds, c’on!  These guys throw an uplifting dance party and have committed to helping a cause for the betterment of humanity.  You need to get out there and dance with them, and experience the “power of music as medicine” for yourself!

But, I warn you, you will most likely walk away with a huge smile on your face. Their positive, fun, sexy, vibe is infectious.

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