Creeper // Brooklyn, NY 09.21.16


The Bell House // Brooklyn, NY

September 21st 2016

Review & Photos By Sara Feigin

Creeper made their way into my heart when I lived in London, and the fact that a little less than a year after having to move back to the States they started touring here filled my heart with joy. A piece of my home was coming to my new city. I first saw them on U.S. turf in July, doing a headline show at a small venue in Manhattan, and tonight I saw them in a venue the next size up in the Park Slope area of Brooklyn. As I make my way to The Bell House I feel my adrenaline pumping, my whole body is excited to see Creeper again, especially so soon after the last time I saw them. The venue feels old school and definitely gives off a vibe way different than the bands that will be gracing it’s stage. But the juxtaposition from an indie band to a horror core band is something I think fits with Creeper very well. When the lads and girl of Creeper take the stage to a creepily slowed down version of ‘Chim Cim Cheer-ee‘ from ‘Mary Poppins‘, the people in the back of the venue have their interest peaked and inch closer to the stage.

Front-man and singer, Will Gould, introduces the band and they start their set off with ‘VCR‘ and the crowd is loving it. The front row are clearly fans of the band, while most of the rest of the concert-goers are new to the ‘Creeper Cult’, but are definitely getting into the music. It’s always exciting to witness people fall in love with a new band, and I definitely saw a lot of that this evening. The bands energy is electric, and you really can always tell how much they enjoy putting on a show, although Gould always does look like he is close to tears. I think that shows how passionate he is about the band’s music though. The rest of the set goes amazingly, with more strangers to the band making their way closer to the stage. The close out the set with ‘Astral Projection‘ and when they finish up the song you can tell that the whole crowd wishes they could hear more from Creeper. The band continues out their tour of the US with Tiger Army until the beginning of October and then they head back to Europe and the UK where they’ll be touring non-stop until the beginning of December, so be sure to check them out!


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