Rob Thomas with Max Frost // Youngstown, OH // 09.05.2019

Rob Thomas – Chip Tooth Tour 2019
Opener: Max Frost
Youngstown Foundation Amphitheatre, Youngstown, OH
September 09th, 2019

Rob Thomas, better known as the frontman of Matchbox20, brought his Chip Tooth Tour 2019 to the new Youngstown Foundation Amphitheatre and it was a night no one will forget anytime soon.

Opening the night was Max Frost and based on the instruments on stage, one might think a full band will be performing. Much to my surprised Max played ALL instruments by himself and I was truly impressed by his set. He released his debut album, Gold Rush, last year and I can’t wait to give it a listen.

After a quick changeover, Rob Thomas took the stage to everyone jumping out of their seats immediately, cheering and throwing their hands in the air. What followed was a  great mix of previously released solo material, new songs off his latest release Chip Tooth, as well as a few Matchbox20 songs and a David Bowie cover. All of these songs were delivered in a great storyteller setting which made me laugh, cry and cheer all at the same time.

After a 90 minute set and a 4-song encore, everyone left the Youngstown Foundation Amphitheatre very satisfied and I can’t wait until he comes back either solo or with Matchbox20. It was definitely a night to remember.

Rob is still touring the US for the month of September before heading to Australia. Check out the tour dates here and make sure to catch him when he comes to a town near you.

I Love It
Real World ’09
Lonely No More
Her Diamonds
If You’re Gone (Matchbox20 song)
Can’t Help Me Now
Sunday Morning New York Blue
Streetcorner Symphony
One Less Day (Dying Young)
Little Wonders
Fire on the Mountain
Let’s Dance (David Bowie cover)
We Were Beautiful
3 A.M. (Matchbox20 song)
I Am an Illusion

Bent (Matchbox20 song)
Unwell (Matchbox20 song)
This Is How a Heart Breaks


Rob Thomas Gallery

Max Frost Gallery

Photos by Steffi Wegewitz / Concert Scene Photography

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