City and Colour Make a Return with Sonic-Sounding Album “A Pill for Loneliness”

After 5 years since previous release, City and Colour are back with new album “A Pill for Loneliness”. With this album Dallas Green looks inward playing off a sympathetic pathos. 

The first single released off the album “Astronaut” gave listeners a good indication the themes, sounds, and moods of the rest of the record. Here Green compares himself to an astronaut floating through space, this is meant to symbolize his own feelings of floating as he travels from city to city on tour. As if saying he doesn’t view himself as having a place to land and be a constant. 

“Strangers” covers that feelings of never truly knowing a person no matter how hard you try, and how easy people can drift in an out of your life

On this record, Green is playing more into emotions, expressing them through song and giving listeners a glimpse into what he views as his damage soul. To accompany these emotion-heavy lyrics, Green coupled them with a sonic-soundscape, drifting away from the warmer acoustic sounds heard on previous records. 

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