Beach House // Brooklyn, NY 8.23.18

Beach House

Kings Theatre

Brooklyn, NY

August 23rd, 2018

Words and Photos by Adele Sakey

It’s a hot and sticky day, quintessential to New York summers. As one enters Kings Theatre on Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn, the air conditioning supplies relief and the venue’s ornate architecture and lighting transport concert attendees to separate universe. When it’s time for Beach House to take the stage, the lights not only dim but fade completely to black. A bright white light begins to beam across the bottom of the stage, and once again it is easy to forget where you are. Although one may physically be in Brooklyn, Beach House begin to encompass the audience with the makings of a world of their own. Their lighting design, completely backlit so the band members have the appearance of silhouettes, is accompanied by the dreamy soundscapes of songs new and old.

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