An interview with slenderbodies

Artistic and highly stylized slenderbodies is composed of Max Vehuni and Benji Cormack are a band to keep your eyes on. The ambitious duo write, produce, and mix all their own tracks that for the ultimate personal creative experience. I was lucky to ask them a few questions over email before they set stage for Austin City Limits this weekend.

Q: You guys recently release a new single on Billboards called “The One”. What about the song stood out to you to make it a single?

A. The One is the most “different” songs we’ve put out, and we felt it was important to highlight that. We’re always trying to expand our sound, so this was an important step in that.

Q: The song is about different types of women. Who were the main inspirations?

A. the irony behind “the one” is that it isn’t talking about “one” person. “the one” encapsulates everyone that has ever taken our breath away, whether it be someone as intimate as a girlfriend or mother, but sometimes as distant as a woman you see doing something spectacular or inspiring. every instance that a woman has taken our breath away was the inspiration for the song.

Q: What other types of songs are can we except from your upcoming EP along with “The One”?

A. Throughout the EP we explore our relationship with other women in our lives. From family to past loves, we essentially took our experiences with these influential individuals and personified them into a person named soraya. Some songs explore the relationship of how women have supported us in our creative endeavors despite being worried about how our art is perceived, and others explore looking back on simpler days of adolescent love. We’re very excited to share these songs with the world 🙂

Q: You independently release your last EP Fabulist Extended, how different was the process than when you released Fabulist though a record label?

A. We were actually fortunate to be able to release fabulist extended with support from a team, so both releases had a similar feel. We’re excited to be working with Avant Garden now, this release is going to be very special.

Q: You guys are touring over seas then heading back to the states for ACL, are you excited for the festival?

We’re thrilled! Both of our moms are coming, as well as our friends and significant others. It’s gonna be amazing to explore Austin and the festival with all our loved ones.

Q: Are there any acts that you guys want to check out if you have time?

A. Paul McCartney is high on the list! Greta Van Fleet, Hozier, Father John Misty, Ravyn Lenae, St. Vincent, Dizzy, San Holo, Arctic Monkeys, ARIZONA, Bahamas, Mt Joy, Moses Sumney, Rhye and Manchester Orchestra are our main picks though. We’re excited to wander a lot though too.

slenderbodies will be performing both Saturdays (October 6 and 13) from 12-12:45 PM at HomeAway.

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