Album Review: Step Rockets ‘Future Nature’


Step Rockets released their Future Nature EP on April 15. It’s one I’d definitely recommend to any indie pop fans. They’ve been likened to bands like Panama Wedding and The Griswolds, and rightly so, because the EP is fun, upbeat, and super catchy.

“West Coast” is a great song to kick off the EP, with its strong bass line and dancey vibes. It features interesting instrumentation that’s not exactly predictable, which makes it a fun track. The most popular song, “Kisser,” was the first independently released single that’s on the EP. It’s earned over 6 million plays on Spotify with it’s steady, melody-driven beat.

The EP has a lot going on, between its groovy, slick guitar solos and electro-pop sounding synth work, but it all blends together seamlessly to create a cool, energetic collection of songs.

By Kelsey Baucom

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