Album Review: Sleeping With Sirens “How it Feels to be Lost”

Sleeping With Sirens are back at it again, with the follow-up record to 2017’s pop rock exploration Gossip. The band is heavier than ever on their latest release, How It Feels To Be Lost, which marks their Sumerian Records debut. Fronted by one of the most recognizable voices in the scene today, Sleeping With Sirens formed in 2009 and have steadily been taking over the world. The group made their debut in 2010 with the album With Ears to See and Eyes to Hear, before going on to deliver two albums to the Top 15 of the Billboard Top 200 (2013’s Feel and 2015’s Madness.) Produced by Matt Good and Zakk Cervini, the 11-song collection sees the band returning to their more aggressive roots, while still embracing all the distinct aspects of their diverse personalities as artists.

How It Feels To Be Lost begins with the track “Leave It All Behind,” an explosion of infectious, hard-rock that promises that Sleeping With Sirens are back with a vengeance. The title track “How It Feels To Be Lost” initially goes full with electronic atmospherics, building into the full band, as Quinn confesses frustrations that so many of us share as we attempt to tread water in our (seemingly) hopelessly dire situations. The track “Blood Lines” brings a much different tone to the album, it is one of the heaviest and darkest tracks on the album. From the almost rap style verses to the distortion heard throughout, the vocals certainly hold a challenge. Through this, however, the lyrics stand out much more and there is that darker feel to those. The band has never shied away from writing with that tone; however, this track stands out for this. If you are looking for something a bit tamer than the latter track “Agree to Disagree” is the track for you. It features a chorus that is certain to get your head banging and feet tapping. The album overall definitely has the right balance of heavier more hard-hitting tracks, to more calm tracks.
Now, if you are sitting on the edge of your seat awaiting Sleeping With Sirens re-embracing their heaviest side, prepare to be blown away. Drummer Gabe Barham’s percussion shines, leading his bandmates into the frantically-paced banger “Break Me Down.”

Going for a more melodic approach, they implore you to hold on through “Another Nightmare,” while Hills’ bass anchors the slamming “P.S. Missing You.” The catchy, blistering spiral of “Medicine (Devil In My Head)” demands your attention from its first second. With this, they bring the album to a close with the powerful “Dying To Believe.” A blatantly honest baring of their emotional scars, initially an acoustic track, it invites listeners to let it all go and try to be free.

Sleeping With Sirens are a band that straddles the line comfortably between heaviness and infectiousness, at times inspiring head-banging and at other times so catchy that you can’t help but dance. Sleeping With Sirens have delivered a truly impressive collection that is guaranteed to earn them new fans.

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