Album Review: Roam “Smile Wide”

Smile Wide, is the newly anticipated third album from UK pop punk band Roam.

This record covers dark themes not seen in previous releases, however those themes are still accompanied by the upbeat vibes the band are known for.

In a post by the guitarist Alex Adam, he says that this album feels like the most real record they’ve ever made. Continuing to say that sometimes life is hard and instead of hiding those struggles, they decided to be transparent about them. 

While covering more real topics, Roam still manages to make these songs fun. The song “Toy Box” references the movie Toy Story, with each verse opening with a line from the film. The song itself is about being or feeling pushed aside by someone you care about. Using the analogy of a toy being abandoned, a theme frequent in the Toy Story films.  

Smile Wide is in some ways a new direction for the band. They took a more raw approach in lyrical content but kept the music composition the same pop punk sound it has always been. The band kept true to their sound, changing a bit to show their growth as people and as a band, but keeping all that worked on their previous release Great Heights and Nose Dives.


Listen to the record below.

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