Album Review: Ghosts Again ‘The Closest Thing To Closure’


Ghosts Again’s new EP The Closest Thing to Closure is intriguing and catchy, though not necessarily the best in the game. Their sound doesn’t stand out very much, but they are still a remarkably talented group. With vocalist Alex Cortright’s clean vocals, listeners are reminded somewhat of Jeremy McKinnon of A Day to Remember. One of the most noticeable aspects of the release is that Cortright’s clean vocals sound extremely smooth and never faultering, even when he belts out the longest notes and highest pitches. With his unclean vocals, listeners get a glimpse of early Sleeping With Sirens, or A Skylit Drive. “Relive_Revive” is probably their catchiest song on the EP, with a rhythm to make listeners want to move. Overall, the EP reflects a heavily pop-influenced A Day To Remember, if that sound was meshed with Crown The Empire’s “The Fallout.” Fans of the past decade’s more prominent metalcore and post-hardcore bands will love Ghosts Again’s sound, which blends together rhythmic guitar riffs, defined drums, and breakdowns. Ghosts Again is definitely worth checking out.

by Nina Tadic

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