Album Review: Fourth Quarter Comeback ‘The Only Way We Know’


For fans of post-bubblegum pop rock bands, Fourth Quarter Comeback is an up and coming band from Fairfax, Virginia, their new EP The Only Way We Know proposes a 2007 All Time Low‘s So Wrong, It’s Right-esque vibe and is the perfect mix of solace for these cold winter days.  Clicking play on the first track of the EP ‘’Back to Sleep’’ triggered a dance alone in my room hormone, the thought was dismissed immediately together with hopes of this album being anything more than another pop rock present.

Credit is due for the band’s ability to produce not only catchy tunes throughout The Only Way We Know but fun story-telling lyrics that will carry fans on emotional engaging rides. The album strays from the repetitive lyrics nature of many popular acts these days. Anyone listening to their lyrics can tell that they have been wittily thought out and carefully constructed with no lack in effort. This is definitely an essential quality for musicians in my opinion.

‘’Drama Queen’’, ‘’Hold Your Breath’’ and ‘’New Girlfriend’’ are great rock-outs for shower karaoke and daily commutes. ‘’All in’’, the album’s closer reminds me of lying in bed on a cold rainy day kicking socks in the air, it has a great mellow yet zesty feel to it and I’d like to believe that the abrupt end notions that there is much more to come.

Fourth Quarter Comeback’s potential is evident in this EP, fans should be excited and watch out for what they bring to the table.

by Roxanne Asthenia

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