Album Review: Amanda Markley EP


Amanda Markley is a alternative pop artists based out of Seattle, WA. After a tough breakup at the end of 2015, she’s been building herself and set on a path of self-discovery. What an incredible song writer, although only 5 songs and 15 minutes in length, she’s managed to go through the motions of heartbreak that take you on an emotional rollercoaster with her. Her lyrics are personal, brave and honest. She really is a breath of fresh air as a new female artist and someone to look out for.

It starts with “Fire”, an upbeat and alternative-pop anthem with darkness and intensity, it starts off a bit slow but picks up quick and there’s a neat piano break in between, only to be juxtaposed by “Cold”, a softer ballad where Amanda pours her feelings out, the type of song you’d cry over, wishing you were brave enough to say these things. “Monster” is a dance-pop track with that last sense of hope that maybe things will work out before you realize that relationship was detremental to begin with. The lyrics “Maybe we should run, somewhere we can be forever young” resonate so well as you feel your heart beating in tune with the bass line. Followed by “Jealousy”, an upbeat pop-ballad with the last bit of resentment and acceptance of what was. These last two tracks are really infectious, my favourites.

The EP ends with “Cold (Revisited)”, I believe to be the way the song was original written, even slower than the first time around, you can hear the pain in Amanda’s voice and the bareness of the piano ring beautifully together.

She’s written songs that could cure any heartbreak, if only I had this EP 4 years ago.

I believe she’s only scratched the surface of her musical abilities and we can expect a lot more from Amanda. She’s already headed back tot he studio to record new tracks in Nashville so keep an ear out for this young talent.

by Joanna Glezakos

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