Album Review: Alessia Cara “This Summer”


As the summer dies down Alessia Cara has steadily released 3 singles from her new EP, “This Summer”. Resembling a musical reflection of summer shenanigans including a rocky summer fling, a power anthem and pep talk, Cara relates with listeners through the ups and downs. This Canadian singer-songwriter continues to use her ability to relate with her audience to provide an album you feel like your best friend wrote it specifically for you.

Starting off strong with a reggae-synth vibe that we haven’t heard from Cara before, “Ready” is an ode to players getting under her skin. With confident lyrical callouts like, “You’re still only a boy who’s scared of a good girl” are empowering while understanding a frustrating situation. Throughout this EP, confidence – regardless of the circumstance – is projected allowing us to dance along while singing about a less than perfect situation.  The story behind “OK OK” is a request of a kind of song we can never have too many of – “a song we could feel ourselves to”. While this single focuses on that request, in its entirety Cara list her amazing qualities. But later she tells us that she’s “convincing myself I’m the shit” and “One day Imma be better at feeling like” to follow that fake it till you make it mentality.

The last two songs off of this EP wind down as “October” embraces calm kick drum with soft guitar and background vocals emphasizing Cara’s reminiscent lyrics. Well balanced vocals makes you miss the excitement of summer. As the perfect sendoff of summer and all its memories, “miss this when it’s over” perfectly encompasses the sun setting on not a perfect but a memorable summer.

My only wish for this album would be to have had it earlier in the summer. This is the perfect soundtrack for getting ready for a night out. This album is road trip worthy and is perfect to drive around to with friends in the crisp fall air.

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