XweaponX – Weapon X Demo REVIEW: An INSTANT Straight Edge Hardcore CLASSIC!


Louisville, KY continues to prove that it’s the breeding ground for constant, in your face hardcore. Bands like Two Witnesses, Gates to Hell, Constraint, Guerilla Warfare, Heartstopper, and SO many more – XweaponX is the latest in a long line of fantastic hardcore history, and it is coming straight for your throat. 

Mission statement: “STRAIGHT. EDGE. WEAPON. FUCKING. X.”

XweaponX released their debut EP today: Weapon X Demo. Clocking in at a WHOPPING 7 minutes and 32 seconds, this 5 song EP is in and out, quickly and chaotically. The straight-edge hardcore band is comprised of Trey Garris (DARE) on drums, Bryan Garris (Knocked Loose, Heartstopper) on bass, Isaac Hale (Knocked Loose, Inclination) on guitar, and Dave Baugher as the vocalist! 

“Weapon X – a straight edge creation. Built to hate my – IN. CLI. NA. TION.”

The band seems to be taking a far more aggressive approach to the straight edge mentality. The first song on the EP, following the title track, is People Like You – which seems to be an active stance against a person who fell out of Edge time and time again, and were finally left. It backs the lyrical theme of the EP pretty heavily: “PEOPLE LIKE YOU lack the fucking strength”, “People like you remind me why – straight edge until I fucking die.

The last song on the EP, In Spite Of, sums up the anger-drive straight-edge stance. “This is no longer indifference. This is passion drive by rage. This is no longer in difference – this is pure fucking hate.”, and ending with the bone-chilling line of, “I am straight edge – IN SPITE OF YOU”, followed by a SMASHING breakdown. 

XweaponX curb-stomped their place into hardcore with their debut release, and you can catch their FIRST SHOW at LDB Fest THIS FRIDAY (March 11th), in Louisville, KY. The event will be filmed by Hate5Six, and will be LIVE-STREAMED at twitch.com/ldbfest. Their debut EP, Weapon X Demo is streaming everywhere NOW.
XweaponX.band camp.com


XweaponX – Weapon X DEMO 
(Released 3/9/2022) 

Track listing:

Weapon X Intro 

People Like You 


A Brother’s Blade 

In Spite Of 

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